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A valuable resource, and an inspiring teacher, Kim Foley has written the credibility primer that every woman needs. The ' before and after' pictures show women of all ages just what is possible. This is a great gift for every woman in your life!
     Amy McNamara, Legal Recruiting Manager
    Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP

Could your image be keeping you from achieving your goals or realizing your dreams? Do you want to be seen as more memorable, dynamic, or influential?

Within seconds of any encounter, the people you meet are making assumptions concerning your level of education, social status, wealth, temperament, health, even your moral and ethical values, all based on the way you present yourself. Do you know what your image is saying to the world about you?

"The Credibility Factor" will help you understand how others see you--and show you how to assess and improve your Credibility Quotient.

Like it or not, the choices you make everyday about your appearance can have a profound effect on your destiny.

Whatever your goals and aspirations may be, if you want to use your image to maximize your potential and seize the opportunities before you, "The Credibility Factor" can show you how.

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